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Diy Financial Advisor. A Simple Solution To Build And Protect Your Wealth

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DIY Financial Advisor: A Simple Solution to Build and Protect Your Wealth DIY Financial Advisor is a synopsis of our research findings developed while serving as a consultant and asset manager for family offices

And it comes at the perfect time, as the investment industry is undergoing a significant shift due in part to the use of automated investment strategies that do not require a financial advisor's involvement

But can or should we be managing our own wealth Our natural inclination is to succumb to the challenge of portfolio management and let an 'expert' deal with the problem

By way of background, a family office is a company, or group of people, who manage the wealth a family has gained over generations

DIY Financial Advisor is a unique resource

DIY Financial Advisor is an essential text that guides you in making your money work for you not for someone else

DIY Financial Advisor outlines a step-by-step process through which investors can take control of their hard-earned wealth and manage their own family office

For a variety of reasons we discuss in this book, we should resist the gut reaction to hire experts

However, practically speaking, virtually any family that manages its investments independent of the size of the investment pool could be considered a family office

Our book is meant to be an educational journey that slowly builds confidence in one's own ability to manage a portfolio

Our research indicates that what matters in investing are minimizing psychology traps and managing fees and taxes

The difference is mainly semantic

The term 'family office' has an element of cachet, and even mystique, because it is usually associated with the mega-wealthy

These simple concepts apply to all families, not just the ultra-wealthy

This book is the only comprehensive guide to implementing simple quantitative models that can beat the experts

We end our book with a potential solution that could be applicable to a wide-variety of investors, from the ultra-high net worth to middle class individuals, all of whom are focused on similar goals of preserving and growing their capital over time

We suggest that investors maintain direct control, or at least a thorough understanding, of how their hard-earned wealth is managed

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